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EST. 2011

Handcrafted in San Francisco, CA

Established in early 2011 by Master Distiller, Carter Raff who’s distilling experience amounts to 17+ years. Located in San Francisco, the distillery sits in the old Navy Brigg on Treasure Island, a most appropriate place for distilling gin, absinthe, and rhum. Raff spirits are all handcrafted and produced in lots of 350 gallons or less.


Handmade stills, bottling lines, and spirits

Not only are the spirits being produced by Raff Distillerie handcrafted, but the equipment it uses to produce these spirits were handcrafted as well. Fabricated from scratch, the two hybrid stills and the bottling line were designed and built by Carter Raff; machining every single part from raw metal.

Meet the Team...


Master Distiller, Proprietor

tel. 415-610-7486

e-mail carter@raffdistillerie.com


National Accounts Sales, Assist. Distiller, Proprietor

tel. 707-501-7885

e-mail jason@raffdistillerie.com


National Sales, Assist. Distiller, Proprietor


e-mail dave@raffdistillerie.com


Est. 2011 in San Francisco, CA



Raff Distillerie was founded in early 2011 by Master Distiller Carter Raff. He has been distilling for 17 years and making wine for over 26. It all started early on; his love of spirits. What fascinated him were the multitudes of products out there; all tasting different with beautiful bottles and labels. It was as much about the art of the packaging as the taste. Raff Distillerie sits inside th old Navy Brigg located on Treasure Island, in the heart of the San Francisco Bay. With a background in metal fabrication, Carter built all of the stills from scratch; machining every single part from a raw bar of metal. He built both the main production stills and the ¼ scale lab version for making test batches. All other complimentary equipment for the distillery including the bottling line is also fabricated from scratch. Building his own equipment not only to saved money, but more importantly it allowed him to get exactly what is necessary for the job at hand.


The first product for release was Absinthe a spirit banned for most of the 20th century; finally being legalized in 2007. Carter first started researching Absinthe in 1985 after hearing about it in a movie. After years of experimentation he finally came up with what is undeniably one of the best traditional Absinthe products on the market. Next came to be what is known as their flagship brand, Bummer & Lazarus Gin, named after two famous stray dogs that roamed the streets of San Francisco in the mid 19th century. An "Agricole" style Rhum is the latest creation from Raff. It is named after the once known rough area in San Francisco during the gold rush.


In 2014, Prolific Beverage was hired to manage sales in the California market headed by owners, Jason Hooten and Dave Stoop, who's careers in the adult beverage industry accounts for more than 50+ years. In 2016, both Jason and Dave jumped on the opportunity to join Raff Distillerie as partners with Carter.