The Barbary Coast was a nine block area in San Francisco which arose during the Gold Rush era. It was known to be a dangerous area filled with bars, clubs, brothels, dance halls, saloons and variety shows. Due to the drinking and gambling it became a very lawless area where pretty anything went.









Barbary Coast Rhum is made from Columbian sugar cane. Using the terroir of the tropics gives this rum the distinct flavors of Traditional Rhum Agricole.

Rhum Agricole is a drier style of rum that has a lot more earthy, grassy notes. It is made from fermenting the entire juice from sugar cane, unlike typical rum which is made from fermenting molasses, a by-product of refining sugar cane juice into white sugar. As France started to refine white sugar from sugar beets the price of sugar dropped drastically. In the French West Indies, they decided to use the now cheap sugar cane to make rhum. A good agricole will have a nose that is quite distinct from regular rum. Raff Distillerie ferments sugar cane juice and then distills it into high proof rhum.