Independently Owned and Operated     

Raff distillerie...

Established in San Francisco in 2011

Raff Distillerie was founded on Treasure Island in the heart of the San Francisco bay in 2011 by Master Distiller, Carter Raff. It sat inside the old Navy Brigg. 

Raff’s experience is comprised of over 26 years of winemaking and 20 years of distillation. With a background in metal fabrication, Carter built all of the stills from scratch; machining every single part from a raw bar of metal. He built both the main production stills and the ¼ scale lab version for making test batches. All other complimentary equipment for the distillery including the fully automated bottling line was also fabricated from scratch. “Building our own equipment not only helped save money, but more importantly it allowed me to get exactly what is necessary for the job at hand,” says Raff. “I was able to create stills that give us the ability to craft a unique spirit like no other.” 

In 2014, Prolific Beverage was hired to manage sales in the California market headed by owners, Jason Hooten and Dave Stoop, who’s careers in the adult beverage industry accounted for more than 50+ years. In 2016, Jason and Dave decided to join Carter in a partnership, under the newly formed, Raff Beverage, LLC. 

In 2018, the distillery moved its operations into the historic “Butchertown” district, known today as the Bayview in San Francisco. The new distillery was 95% built by the partners and includes a tasting room open to the public on weekends. Raff Distillerie remains a privately owned business by the three partners.