A perfect representation of the absinthe served all over Paris 130 years ago.  


This premium spirit is a perfect representation of the absinthe served all over Paris 130 years ago. Woody hints of wormwood and a gentle taste of anise followed by floral and citrus undertones. This absinthe creates complex flavors not seen in other absinthes by using only traditional herbs picked for their fresh and vibrant flavors. Raff Distillerie personally imports both wormwoods from 30 miles outside Pontarlier France, the home of absinthe. 



taste profile 

Woody, Floral, Citrus, Spice                    

master distiller  

Carter Raff

notable cocktail use 

Absinthe Ritual, Big Easy, Original Sazerac 


Wormwood, Anise, Fennel Seed and 8 other proprietary botanicals


100% California grapes

water source  

Hetch Hetchy (Yosemite)  


220 gallon hybrid still


136 Proof / 68%

THE STORY OF Emperor norton 

"Emperor of the United States", "Protector of Mexico" 

     -Self-Proclaimed term 1859 to 1880, San Francisco, CA       


Joshua Norton was a businessman that lived in San Francisco during the mid 19th century. After he lost all his fortune in the rice trade in the late 1800’s, he became a different man. Surfacing back around the city a few years later, he proclaimed himself “Emperor of the United States and Protector of Mexico.” He wore a pieced-together military uniform, printed his own money, and made governmental decrees. Regardless of his eccentricities, he was much beloved by the people of San Francisco.  

Today, what rare bit of Emperor Norton currency that still exist has auctioned for well over $10,000 on a single note.