Made from 100% Arkansas Black Apples


Made from 100% (25 pounds per bottle) crushed fermented apples. Aged minimum 3 years in Bourbon barrels. Notes of honey, apple, tart, vanilla and spice. Enjoy on the rocks or in a cocktail.



Apple, Vanilla, Brown Sugar, Christmas Spice

taste profile 

Rich, Sweet, Apple Juice, Burnt Sugar, Vanilla                 


Copper to medium amber

notable cocktail use 

Apple Sour, Manhattan


Aged 2 years in French Oak barrels and additional minimum 1 year in Bourbon barrels.


100% Fermented Apples (25 lbs per bottle)

water source  

Hetch Hetchy (Yosemite)  


Pot Still


98 Proof / 49%

THE STORY OF the skipper 

A lover of gin, a masterful producer of apple cider and applejack! 


Who was Arthur “Skipper” Ford? The Skipper was the Great Grandfather of our good friend Samantha Collins, and probably one of the coolest, least appropriate, most exciting men that ever lived. He was an amazing sailor, a great domino player, a ladies man and a grower of heirloom apples. Truth be told, the Skipper was mostly a Gin drinker. He even sang songs about Gin and was known to cross regatta finish lines with a martini in hand. (if you read his ships log, almost every day starts with “woke up, made gin fizzes”). But, due to his abundance of beautiful apples, and his fascination with adult beverage, generally he learned the fine art of cider and applejack production at his ranch on Howell Mountain in Napa, CA. Like many well-loved people, his legend lives on from his stories, his apple orchard (which Samantha enjoyed immensely) and his sailboat, the Yankee, which the family continue to race to this day